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Order - Disorder - Reorder

A reflection from Fr. Victor Desantis.

As an avid reader of Father Richard Rohr I am very interested in his concept of ORDER-DISORDER-REORDER. I am sure most of us have gone through this process in many aspects of our lives. Things are going well----then a problem arises----we need to find a solution and so on and so on.


This year is one of little ORDER with so much DISORDER. First we have the pandemic with so much sickness and death. We must do this or we must do that to fight the disease. We still do not know when or if  we can see any light at the end of the tunnel. Our hope is that a vaccine will help us reach the REORDER stage.


Then we have the Presidential Election. DISORDER UPON DISORDER. Can the two parties or the two candidates ever agree on anything or stop the name calling?


Will we have a REORDER of sorts after Nov. 3?

     I am sure there are other problems in your lives that are in DISORDER  and need a REORDER.


HOW ARE WE AFFECTED? Can we call upon our spiritual life to help us......our relationship with God or with our friends to help?


Prayer is powerful......attendance at spiritual exercises (Mass and the Sacraments) is there albeit somewhat of a problem.


We welcome your thoughts and ideas.


     Father Vic Desantis------St. John of God Parish